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9 June 2009

HTMA contribute to industry report on winter maintenance

9 June 2009, London, UK: The Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) have contributed towards a report to parliament on the lessons for winter service by highlighting how they continued to deliver services and coped with the unprecedented demand on salt treatments, during the severe weather at the start of this year.

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8 May 2009

Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) launches Green Driving Guide

8 May 2009, London, UK: The Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA), the organisation of leading highway maintenance companies within the UK, has published a Green Driving Guide aimed at encouraging the industry to drive in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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The Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) was established in April 2005 to promote the positive contribution that the highways management and maintenance industry makes to the nation and lobby effectively on behalf of the Industry. The HTMA is the trade organisation which represents the service providers who currently look after over 75% of the highway network in Great Britain. Its members are some of the best known consulting engineers, construction companies and service providers in the UK and are a vital element in the community, maintaining the basic infrastructure needed to underpin a fast-moving, flexible economy. The HTMA recognises that the effective management and maintenance of the highway network is of crucial importance to the economic and social well being of the nation. Every household and every business is dependent to some degree on the efforts of its members. The highway maintenance industry is a very important part of the UK construction industry which looks after a vital national asset - approximately 400,000 km of road network with its associated structures.

As traffic volumes increase and dependence on road transport remains high (around 80% of inland freight and passenger traffic) the role of the industry is vital to the wellbeing of the nation. Each year motor vehicles travel approximately 500 billion km along Britain's public roads. The network ranges from narrow and little used country lanes and residential cul-de-sacs where traffic flows are less than 100 vehicles a day to the vital motorway network, parts of which exceed 160,000 vehicles a day. In any business there are wider issues which affect the way it is run and how effective it can be. The highways maintenance industry is no exception. To meet the transportation needs of the future the industry is under increasing pressure to maintain more effectively road systems to cope with the increasing volumes of traffic. At the same time the need for a more efficient road network must be balanced against issues of safety, the environment and economics. The HTMA is an informed and influential force in the highways maintenance industry and provides a unique forum for discussion and information sharing on core issues affecting the industry as a whole. The HTMA also intends to play a key role in influencing government to change legislation to allow the use of more efficient and safe ways of working.

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